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About Fanjara

Fanjara is an on-request personalized celebrity video message platform.
Our mission is to help build deeper and meaningful relationships between fans and celebrities.

Eliminate Trolls and distractors

Focus your time and energy on core fans that appreciate your work.

Create a close knit community

Be part of your fan's special occasions and form an everlasting and deeper bond.

Monetize your online following

Your time is valuable and your biggest fans will love to support as you accomplish your creative goals.

How Fanjara Works

Fan Requests A Personalized Video Message


Be part of your fans special moments like birthdays, anniversaries, encouragements by producing a personalized video greeting from you.


Allow fans to create video invites for their upcoming party, big game, wedding, life update etc.

Ask A Question

(Q&A) - A fan has the opportunity to ask you a specific question they’ve been pondering.

Celebrities record a personalized video message

Fee Per Request

Celebrities decide which request to accept or decline and the price of fulfilling every request. Payment is directly deposited to your account.

Fulfillment Time

Sooner the better of course, but we request 1-2 days on average. You have 7 days to fulfill the request before the request expires and the fan gets refunded.

Privacy and Security

Fanjara does not release your personal contact information to the fans. You receive requests and submit videos only through Fanjara platform. The videos can only be used for non-commercial purpose.

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