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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. If the message requested does not line up with your morals, views and brand, simply decline. Fanjara keeps track of purchasers with declined / reported requests and will block them from future use of the platform.

It’s in your best interest to complete the request as quickly as possible to maintain a high standard of service. After 7 days the request expires and the fan gets refunded.

Yes. Fanjara takes privacy seriously and none of your personal information is shared.

On Fanjara a purchaser (fan) selects an influencer and requests a personalized video by specifying a message they want to be read during the video or asking a question. If the influencer accepts he/she will send back a recorded video that the purchaser can view and share.

You decide. We require a 30 second video so fans are not disappointed but many influencers go beyond this threshold.

You cannot create violent, nude, discriminatory, unlawful, hateful, pornographic videos via Fanjara.